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 We breed, show and sell Champions!

We are continuing the winning tradition started with over 40 years of raising Suffolk sheep

We started our adventure into boer goats in 2002, got hooked and we now have over 50 does. We have traveled extensively to bring quality does back to Minnesota including bloodlines from Mzuri, Pipeline, Eggsfile, Rambo, NK CEO and Ubora for our base herd with additions from Harbour, Bean/Schrank, Gallagher and Hutto. On these does we've used the bucks; Lone Star, Edge, Fowler buck, New Frontier, Bean 1916, Gallagher's  "Rip" and Helm's "Overdrive" to produce outstanding wethers and our keeper does. 

Pictured left to right: Front row: Brooklyn Young, Aubrey Quam, Jackson Young and Alexa Quam. Middle row: Megan Young, Erin Quam and Pat Friedrich . Back row: Seth Friedrich, Brandon Young, Jon Quam and Joel Friedrich.







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